£6,600.00 raised
GOAL: £10,000.00


With a heavy heart and after months of personal distress, Chris Williamson is standing as an independent socialist pro-Corbyn parliamentary candidate for Derby North. Despite a High Court victory thanks to your support, Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) prevented Chris from standing as the official Labour candidate. This is electoral suicide to please the Party’s enemies.

Only Chris has the decades of experience, the local track record and the support base to win Derby North and help Jeremy Corbyn to implement Labour's programme for government. Instead, the Party has chosen to risk a key marginal falling into the hands of the Tories in the most important election in our lifetime. The NEC-approved candidate for Derby North campaigned for Owen Smith in the first coup attempt against Jeremy. Chris will be the only pro-Corbyn candidate on the ballot paper.

This election will be close and we need as many socialists in Parliament as possible supporting Jeremy’s transformative programme. Even if Labour wins a majority, there won’t be a socialist majority in Parliament and right-wing Labour MPs will block the radical legislative programme the country is crying out for. Jeremy needs reliable allies, not more backbench wreckers. That’s why Chris is standing.

In Derby North, the vote will be split four or even five ways. With your support and the support of Labour members, we can send the most pro-Corbyn MP and one of Parliament’s few socialists back to Westminster to fight for us.

Capitulation is complicity. Solidarity is sacred.

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